Russia 2017

Every day  offered interest and surprise and enjoyment. A lot to see and take in, and a fascinating overview of a northern country struggling with its harsh climate and incredible history in the past 100 years.

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Romania 2017

Great holiday, and excellent company as is the hallmark of a Rufus Reade trip. Many ,many thanks for excellent organisation which produced so many amazing things to remember-from the rehearsal in Iasi,feast with that priest onwards and upwards from then on every day. I am now re-reading the Enchanted Way with greater understanding of things he writes about.

Bhutan 2016

"thank you for organising and taking us on such a truly outstanding visit to Bhutan.  We both enjoyed it in every way and think of it as one of the best we have been on with you.  It really is a special place and away from the cities let us see things and meet people in ways that we never could have done on our own so thank you very much....many happy memories and a few good photographs...talking of which....your lovely book is a real treasure and brought a lot of details to mind that had otherwise slipped!"

Ethiopia 2015

Thank you for an amazing adventurous holiday exploring Ethiopia… it was everything I could have wished for and more.. I cannot believe our luck 
in having Solomon as our guide… so well informed and enthusiastic and full of fun!! I felt very privileged to have had this chance of a great, absorbing,
and thought provoking holiday…full of amazing landscape and beautiful people! 

Madagascar 2015

I seem to dream about lemurs nearly every night now.  Is this another symptom. Otherwise it was a wonderful break for November and such good company made it overall memorable.  

Shetland 2015

I was planning to write to thank you for organising yet another splendid holiday, much enjoyed despite the weather.  It was, I have noted, our 15th Rufus Reade tour .