Protecting your Data

The bear necessities of data: and destroying what is not required!

The bear necessities of data: and destroying what is not required!


Rufus Reade Tours Information policy

Thank you for coming to look at our policy on what information ("data") we hold and how we use it.

Information gets traded these days as you’ll know. I disagree with this and so the data which you give us is retained by us, and is not for sale. And once it's no longer necessary to retain the data it is destroyed.

The only reasons to share information are identified below!

If you are on Rufus Reade Tours mailing list we only hold your name or names and your email address. You are on the mailing list because you have asked to be there, and at any time you are free to unsubscribe. This can be done by clicking on the unsubscribe button at the foot of promotional emails or by writing to

Joining our mailing list can be done in two ways: one is to contact us directly and ask for information. The second way is through our website where you can subscribe to Mail Chimp (the people who help us with our email broadcasts and who keep the names and email addresses of everyone who has asked for more information, so that we can wing off emails to you giving you our updates).

King Alfred burnt the cakes and websites use cookies: websites as you probably know pop a small bit of information on your computer when you visit a website so that on a return visit the website will behave a little more efficiently. This small bit of information is called a ‘cookie’. From reputable companies they are harmless, from rogues they are a real nuisance! The websites we use are Squarespace and Mail Chimp. For more information on their data policy see


If you have booked on one of our tours, we ask for your details (name, address, d.o.b, passport number, next of kin, travel insurance information) and may share these as is appropriate. Your name and room preference /dietary requirements are emailed to our ground agent in the destination country.

Your name, address, telephone numbers and email address are shared with fellow travellers shortly before the tour departs. Your passport details are not shared except to assist our ground agent obtaining your visa, and may be provided to our ground agent at the destination who may pass them to hotels in advance of arrival (since most countries require passport details of their guests). Once a tour has returned to the UK, your passport details are removed from the database, your booking form is shredded (along with any lists we have created for the purpose of the journey, for example of your next of kin/your travel insurance/etc).

We retain a copy of our invoice to you, as long as legally required by HMRC.

We keep your name and address and the name of the tour you travelled on, to enable us to bring together fellow travellers for occasional reunions. This information can be examined if required and can be deleted if you ask.

If we recommend a travel agent as one option where you can book travel tickets we do provide them with a list of names on your chosen tour so that travel plans can be co-ordinated, and we inform you that we have done so. You are not obliged to use the services of that travel agent.


Rufus Reade

(updated July 2018)