Orthodox Christmas in Moscow
and the Golden Ring


January 2018

Moskva river, Moscow

Orthodox Christmas in Moscow and the Golden Ring

4th to 14th January 2018

Russian Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on 6th and 7th January. Russia itself enjoys a prolonged holiday from New Year’s Day until everyone goes back to work after a 10 day break. The temperature is usually around -10 ° C (though it can get colder) and there may be snow (but this is not guaranteed). It’s a wonderful time to visit: there are few other tourists, the museums and galleries are open, the metro system works well, and hotel prices are lower. This holiday is seen as a small informal affair based at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel just off Tverskaya Street, fifteen minutes’ walk from Red Square, opposite the Anglican Church, close to the Music Conservatory, and right by an Orthodox Church with a good choir which celebrates Christmas. Most days, short excursions are planned because of reduced daylight hours, and the temperature. With much less traffic, central Moscow can easily be explored on foot and using the metro system. For our visit to the monasteries of the Golden Ring we will use a bus. The tour is limited to 12 bookings. There are flights available from various cities in the UK to, for example, Schiphol, where it is possible to change onto a Moscow bound flight, and there are direct flights from London Heathrow. Those wanting to, can book their flights with Ian Dickson Travel, Edinburgh (0131 556 6777), once the tour has been confirmed. The tour is escorted by Rufus Reade.