Exciting plans for 2019

Squinting into the sun

Squinting into the sun

Painting in Ethiopia (now fully booked)

September/October 2019

The title of this tour may convey an ambiguity! And that is no accident! We are visiting this stunning country to paint AND we'll be seeing the painted and carved churches of the north. The atmosphere in Ethiopia is extraordinary. The country owes much of its culture to Israel. Historically the Queen of Sheba may have ruled parts of Ethiopia. Her visit to Solomon in Jerusalem (about three thousand years ago) is still celebrated. We are traveling in the company of the art tutor Eleanor White who has been working with Rufus Reade Tours since 1994. She runs her own art school in the north of Scotland. The main tour will visit the famous town of Lalibela with its rock-carved churches, the historic capital of Axum and the very beautiful landscape of Gheralta with its isolated churches. For those wanting it , there is an excursion to walled city of Harar, the national park surrounding the waterfall at Awash, and the amazing fish market at Awassa.  The tour is led by Rufus Reade. Although this is designed as a painting holiday, non-painters are welcome.

  (now fully booked