Madagascar, the natural world (open for booking)

November 2020

Perhaps 135 million years ago, Madagascar split off from Africa and so began a rich evolution with a fauna and flora devoloping quite distinct from the rest of the world. Perhaps best known are the lemurs who evolved from something pre-monkey-like. There are over 100 kinds of lemurs! The island boasts an incredible array of distinct plants, birds, animals and insects. We can see these sometimes very close at hand (no need to bring a telescope!). The island was under Fench control, so expect nice hotels and good food. Tourism may be one of the ways to help preserve this lovely island from the worst excesses of deforestation. The tour is led by Rufus Reade.



Kirindy (with a chance of seeing the cat-like fossa), the Tsingy- a spiny limestone landscape, a pirogue trip on the Manambola River, walk amongst the baobab trees, the ring tailed lemurs up close, hear the Indry cry, chameleons, many birds which are unique to the island.