Highlights of Iran

September 2020 (fully booked with a waiting list)

Iran offers a rich history which we will unravel over a three week tour taking in the famous sites of Persepolis and Isfahan as well as the lesser know sites in the northwest within striking distance of Tabriz. Our journey is made comfortably possible by using the overnight sleeper between Tehran and Kerman. The tour is led by Rufus Reade.

GGbLutfu Ali Mosque isfahan II.JPG

Highlights include:

Tabriz ; St.Stephanos Armenian Monastery; Ardebil; the Zoroastrian ceremonial city of Takht-e Soleiman; Gonbad-e Soltanieh (pre-cursor of the Taj Mahal); the desert citadel of Arg-e Rayen; the desert city of Yazd; four nights in Isfahan; Cyrus The Great’s tomb at Pasargadae; Shiraz; and Persepolis.

Persepolis III.JPG
St Stephanos VIII.JPG