Autumn in Japan: Sept/Oct 2018 (now fully booked)
As summer turns to autumn, Japan experiences some warmth just before the trees begin to turn.
In this early autumn period we aim to see something of Japan’s very rich heritage of living crafts,
gardens and temples whilst keeping somewhat to the north of Nagoya (where our journey
starts) and Tokyo (where our journey ends). We will rely on the excellent Japanese railway system
to criss-cross the country. Heading north from Nagoya, well known for its tie-dye technique
(shibori), our itinerary takes us to the coast of the Sea of Japan. Our journey will bring us to
Sado Island, famous amongst other things for drumming. Later we will cross much of the
breadth of mainland Japan, taking the train through Niigata Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture
before we head south towards the ceramic workshops of Mashiko, famous as the place
where Bernard Leach worked with Shoji Hamada. Our route ends in Tokyo where there are
return flights to the UK. Our hotels are mainly western style establishments with western style
beds and with attached facilities. (Though in some hotels, Japanese-style bedrooms, with
floor based futons may be available on request). The tour is led by Rufus Reade.