Romania: the natural world

Penduline tit

8 to 20 May 2018:  Romania,   the natural world - birds to bears

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From the wild flower meadows to the forested Carpathians, from the hay fields to the delta there is a sense in Romania of a natural world that has been gently tended and neglected! The hayricks speak of a less hurried time and less mechanical agriculture. The abundance of birds tells a story of few or no pesticides, less poisoning of the environment. This tour takes as its broader theme the natural world, and we are very pleased to be travelling with Ian Andrews who brings with him the eye of a professional geologist as well as a widely published birder.

In the Carpathians Mountains we hope to see bears (from the safety of hides), and in the Danube Delta we will spot many species of birds, a few of which are resident, some which migrate through here, others which come to breed.

The Danube Delta provides many small channels along which we can quietly move by boat under the guidance of the local expert birder, who can also explain the land and water use of this extraordinary environment on the edge of the Black Sea.

We'll drive through this lovely country and see something of its other qualities, sparing time to see some of its crafts, churches and country villages.