Our Summer 2019 competition


Our comptetion for this summer is set on a large island where this pre-simian is native. Name the island, please. The first correct answer out of the midnight tophat on 15th September 2019 will be sent a book prize. Entries (only by email please) must be accompanied by a full postal address. No corespondence can be entered into and the judge’s decision is final. Usual rules apply: manufacturers of weapons, military drones and bomber aircraft need not apply.

The answer to the last competition.

Walking to Spain?

The previous competition asked the name of the town which is the destination for a long distance pilgrimage route which passes this church. The correct answer is that this photograph is of a church along the Camino de Santiago. So the answer is that the town associated with the pilgrim’s scallop shell is Santiago de Compostella. The prize should reach the winner in Glasgow during May 2019. She won two autobiographies: Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ , and Hariet Sandys ‘Beyond that Last Blue Mountain’. The latter was given its Scottish launch at The Nomads Tent in early December 2018.