The competition: in a land of typhoons, earthquakes and many islands where might you find this statue? The island whose name we seek was a place of exile, and is now famous for drumming.

2017 11 03_Sado shrine recce 2017_0394.jpg


The first answer out of the hat before midnight on 1 April 2018, will get a book prize popped in the post to them. This comptetition has provoked a great deal of response!

The entries, only by email, must be accompanied by your name and a postal address (you'd be surprised how many folk omit this crucial condition!). Usual rules apply: the owners and employees of a well known weapons manufacturer etc. should not apply. The final decision is binding and no correspondence can be entered into...or something of the sort.

The answer to the last competition.

We asked: "One of the sorrows we have witnessed (for many of us usually somewhat remotely), has been the follow-up to the so-called Arab Spring.  History may begin to call it a long and bitter Winter of Discontent. Here is an abandoned courtyard (photographed in 2010). Can you name the city where this courtyard was photographed?"

The answer

This abandoned courtyard so full of atmosphere and sadness was captured on camera in Aleppo before the civil war began. Our winner should get a prize in time for Christmas!