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  Our Autumn 2019 competition

Our competition for this autumn invites you to name the country where this photograph was taken: Prester John did not live here; King Solomon’s Mines were not here (probably), The Great Queen may have travelled from here to Jerusalem as much as 3000 years ago. Name the country, using its modern name, please. The first correct answer out of the midnight tophat on 15th December 2019 will be sent a book prize. So I need the name of the country and your full postal address: 50% of competition entries are excluded because they don’t provide an address. So just for emphasis: Entries (only by email please) must be accompanied by a full postal address. No corespondence can be entered into and the judge’s decision is final. Usual rules apply: manufacturers of weapons, military drones and bomber aircraft need not apply.

The answer to the last competition.

Our competition for summer 2019 asked you to name the large island where this pre-simian is native. The answer of course is Madagascar. The first correct answer out of the midnight tophat on 15th September 2019 was a lady in Oxford who by now has received two books: one of them is by Daniel Mendelsohn called ‘An Odyssey’, and the second is Hariet Sandys’ ‘Beyond that Last Blue Mountain’. The latter was given its Scottish launch at The Nomads Tent in early December 2018. I can warmly commend both books.