Ancient Japan: Kyoto and Nara


2 to 15 November 2018

2017 11 01_JKenroken kimono bridge 2017_0540.jpg

2nd to 15th November 2018

This tour is now confirmed and we have just one place still available.

Kyoto has been described as one of the most exciting cities in Japan, bringing together ancient and modern. Unlike much of Japan it was spared bombing in WWII, so we can enjoy wonderful gardens, ancient temples and thriving crafts. The tour is mainly based in Kyoto with one optional excursion to Hiroshima and Miyajima. In addition there are day excursions to see the ancient capital at Nara and to see the fabulous Miho Museum. Kyoto offers so much more than ancient buildings! There are vibrant crafts, the living tradition of geishas, and the opportunity to wander through flea markets. The tour is limited to 15 bookings. There are a number of free days and other spaces in our itinerary so that you can go off and explore, stop and draw, or linger in a hot spring! The intention is to take the hurrying out of the holiday! Our timing is designed to catch something of the changing colours of autumn.